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6:00 – Apple event begins with lady running to deliver iPhone.

6:12 – Apple announces new Apple Watch with less bezel and more heart rate sensors.

6:16 – it’s become apparent that that is literally all that has changed with the Apple Watch ⌚️. Oh and a better gyroscope.

6:23 – Apple Watch now includes ECG – this is a first for consumer tech. It will also detect if you fall over.

6:28 – A mediocre speech by the American Heart Association.

6:37 – It’s time for the iPhone

6:37 – iPhone XS – it’s steel and it’s pretty awesome

6:44 – You can submerge in salt water. 

6:55 – It’s developer time!

7:15 – Impressive camera features on iPhone XS and 30mins extra battery.

Wow! 7:19 – The rumours of esim and dual-sim are true!

7:19 – Apple now runs on 100% renewable energy.

7:30 – New iPhone time, the iPhone XR. It’s very colourful.

7:40: Pricing

Price points: the iPhone Xr starts at $749; iPhone Xs starts at $999; iPhone Xs MAX $1099 

7:44 – HomePod gets updates (hopefully they will bring it up to scratch with Alexa & Google Home) … Mac 🖥  mojave coming Sep. 24th

7:45 – That’s a wrap!!

Tim Cook forgets iPhone at #appleevent

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