iPhone XS and XR – First thoughts.

Hey reader. I’m going to be honest with you here. The iPhone XS… Meh, it’s an S variant and that means minor variation all-round. The iPhone XR…. Oh My Giddy-Aunt THIS is the kind of product which made Apple become the worlds richest company, it’s innovative, sleek and not $999. The iPhone XR is like Apple smashed a iPhone 8 and a iPhone X and merged them together. Just look at the pictures below
Hello my pretties.
Entire lineup.
The iPhone XR also comes with the new liquid-retina display (basically LCD with squashed pixels) and it shares all of the amazing features (well, most) of the iPhone X, except with a price tag that is roughly $250 less. I would also like to add that the A12 bionic chip (which can be found in both iPhones) looks pretty great.

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